AI Tools for Business: Transforming Sales Video Production with Ubique


Crafting an engaging introduction for a sales video using AI tools like Ubique involves a strategic blend of personalization, visual appeal, and tailored messaging. The key is to start with a personalized address, utilizing AI’s capability to tailor content specifically for each viewer. This could involve referencing details from their LinkedIn profile or highlighting aspects of their company’s website, which immediately signals that the video is created uniquely for them. Integrating these personalized elements visually is equally crucial; for instance, featuring the viewer’s website or LinkedIn profile in the background of the video grabs attention and creates a connection by presenting familiar elements in a new context. The thumbnail of the video should also be personalized, displaying something recognizable to the viewer, transforming their perception from seeing a generic sales pitch to a customized insight. This approach increases the likelihood of the video being played, as it piques curiosity and demonstrates a bespoke approach.

Beyond the video itself, customizing the landing page where the video is hosted enhances the overall viewer experience. A significant number of people might click on a video but not watch it, often due to assumptions of generic content. By tailoring the landing page to mirror elements familiar to the viewer, such as the aesthetic of their business or specific calls to action that resonate with their needs, you reinforce the message of individualization and ensure that from the first click to the video’s conclusion, the viewer’s experience is cohesive, personalized, and engaging. This comprehensive approach to the introduction, leveraging the capabilities of AI for business, not only captures the viewer’s attention right from the start but also establishes a connection, encouraging continued engagement with the content.

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Ubique stands out in the realm of AI tools for business with its innovative features designed to enhance sales and marketing efforts through personalized video content. Its capabilities are tailored to leverage the power of AI, bringing a new dimension to customer engagement and communication strategies.

AI Voice & Face Cloning

One of the most distinctive features of Ubique is its AI voice and face cloning technology. This cutting-edge feature allows users to create a digital clone of themselves, both in voice and appearance. For businesses, this means being able to produce videos where it appears as though a key team member is speaking directly to the customer, without the need for constant filming. This AI-driven approach not only saves significant time and resources but also ensures consistency in messaging. The technology is sophisticated enough to mimic the nuances of human expression and speech, making interactions feel personal and engaging. For businesses looking to scale their personalized outreach without sacrificing the human touch, this aspect of Ubique‘s AI tools is invaluable.

Dynamic Backgrounds

Another innovative feature of Ubique is its dynamic backgrounds. This allows businesses to customize the backgrounds of their videos to match their branding, message, or the specific context of the recipient. Whether it’s integrating a client’s logo, using a specific color scheme, or even displaying a relevant website in the background, these dynamic backgrounds make each video appear tailor-made for the recipient. This level of customization, powered by AI, adds a layer of personalization and professionalism to business videos, making them more engaging and relevant to the target audience.

Sales Coach Assistance

For businesses new to video marketing or those looking to optimize their existing efforts, Ubique offers sales coach assistance. This feature is particularly beneficial for leveraging the full potential of AI tools in business communication. The sales coach guidance includes offering expert advice on scripting, framing, and delivering a message that resonates with the audience. This support helps businesses effectively use AI tools to create impactful videos that are not only high in quality but also in strategic alignment with their sales and marketing objectives.

Seamless Data Integration

Ubique’s platform also excels in data integration. It can seamlessly connect with popular sales tools, enabling easy synchronization of customer data. This feature allows businesses to personalize videos at scale by automatically incorporating relevant customer information, such as names or company details. The ability to import data from Excel or CSV files into the system further enhances its flexibility and usability. This integration aspect of Ubique’s AI tools for business is crucial for creating personalized videos en masse, ensuring each recipient feels they are receiving a unique, one-to-one communication.

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How It Works?

  1. Recording a Video Template

The first step involves recording a video template. This is where the user, typically a sales or marketing professional, records a base video that serves as the foundation for personalization. Ubique offers scripts and advice to ensure the message is impactful and resonates with the target audience. This initial step leverages the user’s personal touch while setting the stage for AI-driven customization.

2. Personalization with AI

Once the base video is recorded, users can choose the variables they want to personalize using Ubique’s AI tools. This can include the recipient’s name, company details, or any specific information relevant to the individual viewer. The AI then seamlessly integrates this data into the video, creating a personalized version of the template. This feature is particularly powerful for businesses aiming to scale their personalized outreach without the need for manual editing for each video.

3. Seamless Data Integration

Finally, Ubique offers effortless data integration with popular sales tools. This allows for easy synchronization of customer data, making the personalization process more efficient. Businesses can import contact information from Excel or CSV files, which the AI then utilizes to generate personalized videos. This level of integration and automation makes Ubique an invaluable AI tool for businesses looking to enhance their sales and marketing strategies with personalized video content.

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Pricing Package

Ubique offers a range of pricing plans, each with distinct features:

  1. Free Plan: This plan includes the basic features.
  2. Launch Plan ($29/month): Offers 1 AI clone, 3 video templates, 50 AI-generated videos, 2 variables for personalization, and other standard features.
  3. Starter Plan ($99/month): Expands offerings to 3 AI clones, 5 video templates, 500 AI-generated videos, unlimited variables, and enhanced features.
  4. Growth Plan ($199/month or $1,910/year): This is the most comprehensive plan, providing 3 AI clones, 15 video templates, 1,500 AI-generated videos, unlimited variables, and all premium features.

All plans include features such as personalized video backgrounds and custom landing pages, which allow users to create a unique viewing experience for their AI-generated videos. These plans also provide analytics to track product utilization, including metrics like the number of generated videos and template usage.

Additionally, all plans, except the Free Plan, offer White Glove Support, ensuring dedicated assistance for any issues faced by users.

This structured approach allows businesses and individuals to choose a plan that best suits their needs, balancing features with budget considerations.

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Pros and Cons

Ubique offers a variety of features and benefits, as well as some potential drawbacks, when it comes to creating personalized sales videos. Here’s a detailed look at these aspects:


  • AI Voice & Face Cloning: Ubique uses cutting-edge AI technology to clone your voice and face, allowing you to create personalized videos.
  • Dynamic Backgrounds: It provides a range of backgrounds to enhance your videos and align them with your brand and message.
  • Sales Coach Assistance: For beginners in sales video creation, Ubique offers expert advice and guidance.
  • Easy Video Template Recording: The platform offers scripts and advice for impactful messaging in your videos.
  • Customization and Data Integration: You can personalize various aspects of your videos and easily integrate data from popular sales tools or import Excel/CSV files.
  • Advanced AI Algorithms: Ubique leverages AI to mimic your voice and synchronize lip movements, ensuring your videos look authentic.
  • Metrics for Success Evaluation: The platform provides key metrics to assess the effectiveness of your video campaigns, such as audience engagement and interaction​.
  • Multiple Plans: Ubique offers various plans, including a free plan and more advanced options with additional features like more AI clones, video templates, and personalized landing pages.
  • Effective Engagement and Conversions: Personalized sales videos have been shown to significantly boost engagement, with video emails being more memorable and having higher response rates than text emails​.
  • Automated Personalized Video Creation: Ubique‘s AI-powered tool allows for the creation of thousands of personalized videos with minimal effort, which is highly beneficial for businesses with limited resources.


  • Time and Resource Intensive: Creating and producing sales videos traditionally requires significant time and resources, including scripting, recording, and editing.
  • Limited Language Support: Currently, Ubique only supports English, which may limit its usefulness for global or multilingual audiences.
  • Dependence on Video Effectiveness: There’s a risk associated with dedicating time and resources to video creation, especially if the videos do not achieve the desired level of audience engagement.

Ubique provides a comprehensive suite of tools for creating personalized sales videos with advanced AI technology. It is particularly beneficial for enhancing engagement and conversion rates in email marketing. However, the potential time investment and current limitation to English language may be considerations for some users.

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Ubique stands out as an innovative AI tool for business, revolutionizing customer engagement and sales strategies with its advanced AI-driven video personalization capabilities. This platform harnesses AI voice and face cloning technology, enabling businesses to create highly personalized videos with a digital clone of the user. Such technology not only enhances the authenticity of the message but also ensures seamless lip synchronization, making the videos appear as though the user is personally addressing each recipient.

One of the notable features of Ubique is its dynamic backgrounds. This functionality allows users to select from a variety of backgrounds that align with their brand or the specific message of the video, adding a layer of customization that enhances the overall impact of the content. For those new to sales video creation, Ubique provides sales coach assistance, offering expert advice and guidance to ensure the videos achieve maximum impact.

The platform is designed for ease of use. Users can upload a pre-recorded video, which Ubique analyzes to produce a transcript. This transcript is then used to edit dynamic variables like names or company details, allowing for personalization on a massive scale. This feature is particularly useful for businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement and outreach without the hassle of creating individual videos for each recipient.

Integration with popular sales tools is another key aspect of Ubique. It allows for seamless data synchronization and supports the importing of data via Excel or CSV files. This integration streamlines the video personalization process, making it more efficient and accessible for businesses.

In terms of applications, Ubique extends beyond simple customer engagement. It serves as a powerful tool for onboarding, upselling, and improving cold email outreach. In the realm of talent acquisition, it offers a unique way to attract top candidates, allowing companies to stand out through personalized video communication. Moreover, Ubique can significantly reduce the sales cycle by proactively addressing customer queries through personalized videos, saving time for sales representatives.

Ubique also facilitates the creation of large batches of personalized videos. By simply uploading a CSV file with audience data, users can generate numerous customized videos, enhancing the efficiency of large-scale outreach efforts. The platform’s integration with Zapier allows for the automation of the video personalization process, fitting seamlessly into existing business workflows. This is particularly beneficial for inbound sales teams, enabling immediate and personalized follow-up with leads.

In summary, Ubique exemplifies the potential of AI tools for business in transforming customer interaction and sales processes. Its capability to create personalized videos at scale, combined with user-friendly features and seamless integration with existing business tools, positions it as an essential asset for companies looking to leverage AI for enhanced customer engagement and efficiency in sales and marketing strategies.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How does Ubique work? Ubique utilizes advanced AI algorithms for voice and face cloning, syncing lip movements to mimic the user’s speech. This ensures the video template can be customized with new content while maintaining a realistic appearance of the user speaking​.
  2. Can I create multiple dynamic variables in my video template? Yes, Ubique allows the creation of several dynamic variables within a video template, offering extensive personalization options​.
  3. What languages does Ubique support? Currently, Ubique operates exclusively in English​.
  4. Does Ubique offer sales video consulting? Yes, Ubique provides onboarding and sales video specialists to guide users through the setup process, ensuring optimal video creation for their needs​.
  5. How can I evaluate the success of my video content? Ubique provides key metrics to track the engagement and interaction of the audience with the video content, helping to assess the effectiveness of video campaigns​.
  6. Is it easy to start using Ubique? Getting started with Ubique is straightforward. Users can upload a pre-recorded video, which is then personalized using AI voice cloning and lip-syncing technology​.
  7. Can I personalize a single video for specific cases? Ubique enables the creation of single personalized videos, ideal for one-off scenarios like onboarding new staff or clients​.
  8. How does the background customization work? Users can choose and change video backgrounds, including options like a scrolling capture of a prospect’s website, to enhance personalization. There’s also the flexibility to upload custom video background assets​.
  9. Can I create personalized videos in large batches? Yes, Ubique allows for the creation of large batches of personalized videos by uploading a CSV file with audience data.​
  10. Does Ubique integrate with other tools for workflow automation? Ubique offers powerful Zapier integrations, enabling the automation of the video personalization process and its integration into existing workflows. This feature is especially useful for inbound sales teams for prompt response to leads​.

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